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  • Mr Zebre tour
    • 2017-09-23 / PROTECT THE DUB / FR
    • 2017-09-29 / TERIS DUB CLUB / IT
    • 2017-09-30 / ZAGREB TIRBES / HR
    • 2017-10-21 / RIDDIM BANDITS / RO
    • 2017-11-10 / LION VIBES / FR
    • 2017-11-11 / PARIS DUB SESSION / FR

    MR ZEBRE aka Thibault Quinon is a French dubmaker. Back in France after 8 years in Mexico and Peru, he composes in studio and works collaborating with Peruvian, Mexican and European musicians like Rebel-I, Sis I-Leen, Lasai, Ras Jahshua, YT, El Fata, Dubon Step, Booba Roots, Dan I, Ángel Aguilar, Junior Roy, Sensi T...
    In 2013 he joined the French label Rootical Attack. He also
    collaborated with labels Roots Cooperation (It), Emana Sound (Fr), I-Skankers (Fr) and Indica Dubs Records (UK).

    MR ZEBRE played algonside greats Reggae-Dub-Sound System artists like comme lration Steppas, OBF, Mungos HI-FI, Weeding Dub, Vibronics, Blackboard Jungle, Zion Train, Radikal Guru, Twiligh Circus, Horance Andy, Rootz HI-FI, Ranking Joe, King Alpha, Bungalo Dub, Solo Banton, Sak Dub.

    Jah Shaka, O.B.F, Vibronics, Blackboard Jungle have played some of his tracks.

    After having ignited the sessions of Jah Shaka with the track Yamasee War, MR ZEBRE released his third album, published by the label Rootical Attack Records on november 2016. Shadows, an album of 20 tracks that shifts from light to shade with featurings by Ras Jahshua, Dubon Step, Junior Roy, Sensi T, S'Kaya and Dan I, but also with some heavy dub versions.



    - High Power ft Dubon Step : Rootical Attack (12")
    - Liberation ft Sis I-Leen - No One ft Ras Mykha : Soon available on Emana Sound Records (12")
    - Seek & Find: Mr Zebre meets Indica Dubs & Alex Sci-Fi : Indica Dubs Records (7")
    - Travelling on the Riddim ft Sensi T : Rootical Attack (7")
    - Mystical Key: I-Skankers records (12")
    - Corruption ft Dixie Peach: Rootical Attack (12")
    - I Love Jah ft El Fata + Yamasee War : Rootical Attack (12")
    - Open the borders ft Sis I-Leen : Emana Records (12")
    - So Much Pressure ft Rebel I : Roots Cooperation (7")
    - On the Way/On the Dub: Rootical Attack (12")
    - Anthem/Anthem Ruff: Rootical Attack (7")
    - In the Dubway LP: La Gare XP (12")


    - Shadows LP: Rootical Attack
    - Tell Myself - Concrete Jungle EP: Bancamp, Itunes, Spotify...
    - Sparky Riot - Riot Dance (Mr Zebre remix): Free Download
    - Anthem : Bancamp
    - Dis Sound EP feat Rebel I: Bancamp,Itunes, Spotify...
    - Warrior Charge feat Brother Culture: Bancamp
    - Elevacion feat Booba Roots: Paproota Label Dub Compilation vol.4
    (free download)
    - Chorriworks LP: ODG prod, Bancamp,Itunes, Spotify...
    (free download on ODG)
    - In the Dubway LP: Paproota Label (Free download)                                 

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